Eyethu Funeral Plan

Sikhona Financial Services offers affordable funeral insurance tailored for the previously disadvantaged and financially excluded people of South Africa, in particular the African people.

Our vision is to serve the community we operate in, by transforming the financial services such that it better meets the financial needs of the African communities we operate in. We want to see a South Africa in which all who live in it are afforded the opportunity to experience the peace-of-mind offered by insurance products. We believe everyone deserves this basic need, especially the poor and previously financially excluded, who do not have alternative financial resources and provisions the most.

The Eyethu Funeral Plan provides affordable funeral cover to finance funeral expenses in the unfortunate event of  death. Every person deserves a dignified funeral ceremony, and the family or person(s) left behind deserves the peace of mind of knowing that they’re have been catered for by our impeccable funeral solution  

With our Eyethu Funeral Plan policyholders can cover themselves, their spouse(s) or partner, their children, parents, parents-in-law and extended family members. We have relaxed our definition of family to allow for families headed by children or grandparents, to accommodate this common occurrence in African communities. We also respect cultures that observe the practice of polygamy, and allow more than one spouse to be covered. If a spouse becomes widowed, the deceased spouse’s brother may opt to continue as the main member and cover may continue at the same or increased level as prior to the passing of the deceased spouse. This is to recognise the African custom that the brother of a deceased widow takes responsibility of his deceased brother’s family.

The Eyethu Funeral Plan is flexible and allows policyholders to choose cover for their specific needs and changing their cover as their needs change over time, the less it will cost. The Eyethu Funeral Plan offers many special benefits additional to the basic cover, as summarised below, such as a Cash Back benefit after every 24 premiums we receive.

All products are underwritten by Guardrisk, an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Guardrisk)

Fast Facts


  • Grocery Benefit 
  • Education Benefits 
  • Airtime Redemption Benefit 
  • Accidental Death Cover 
  • Premium Break
  • Re-instatement Benefit
  • Premium Waiver Benefit
  • Cash Back Benefit 
  • Usizo Benefit  
  • Abadala Paid-Up Benefit
  • No medicals/questionaires
  • Claims Paid within 24Hours 
  • Covers members up to the age of 80

Priced from

R 10,00 p.m.

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Grocery Benefit

  • Provides payments of R1500 for 6 months when the main member/spouse dies, to be used for grocery expenses.

Education Benefit

  • Provides payments of up to R25000 for 12 months when the main member/spouse dies, to be used for education expenses.

Airtime Redemption Benefit

  • Provides R250 airtime when a person dies, to help with making funeral arrangements.

Double Accidental Death Cover

  • Immediate benefit paid out in the case of an accidental death. Double the amount you are covered for.

Premium Break

  • The policyholder may miss up to 9 premiums over the life of the policy, without the plan lapsing, subject to certain limits. Premiums cannot be missed 2 months consecutively.

Re-instatement Benefit

  • If your plan lapses, you may re-instate it under certain conditions.

Premium Waiver Benefit

  • Subject to waiting period if death not accidental. Cover continues for all members on the policy up to 12 months. A new policy holder and payee will then be required.

Cash Back Benefit

  • 25% Cash back on premiums for every 24 premiums paid consecutively.

Usizo Benefit

  • 50% of the cover will be paid immediately if insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness that is likely to cause death in less than 12 months.

Abadala Paid-Up Benefit

  • When the policyholder turns 65, premiums may be stopped but the insured may continue to enjoy cover. Subject to the policy being in force for a minimum of 10 years.