How to Claim

Requirements for claims submission

In the event of the death of the Main Insured and any other Insured subject to the Waiting Period and the terms and conditions of this Policy, the settlement of the benefit will be to the latest beneficiary nominated by the Insured. It is important that the Insured informs the Insurer should there be a need to amend his beneficiary. The beneficiary nominated must notify the Insurer or their appointed administrator within six months of the occurrence of the claim, otherwise no claim will be entertained.

The settlement of any claim is always subject to the Insurer receiving the following documentation:

Please contact Surestart Online Financial Services (Pty ) Ltd  on 087 550 9060 or send an email to  to make a claim.

Claim assessments will be performed to validate claims and reduce the risk of fraud. Claimants will be required to provide proof of identification and valid death certificates. All proof submitted will be verified against central databases, such as that of the Department of Home Affairs..  We reserve the right to request any additional information in order to verify or process the claim, which must be provided at the Main Members and/or Beneficiary’s costs.

All claims payments will be made to the nominated beneficiary.  As the benefit is to assist with funeral arrangements, the beneficiary nomination must be a person who is not a minor and who will either be responsible for the funeral arrangements or who will assist with the funeral arrangements. 

Circumstances under which no benefit wil be paid