Surestart Financial Services offers affordable funeral insurance tailored for the previously disadvantaged and financially excluded people of South Africa

The Story behind PIKO 

We all know the feeling of walking into the kitchen and not remembering exactly why we were there in the first place. Now imagine looking at your phone and not understanding how it works, or looking at your child and not knowing who they are? Piko knows this feeling. 

Piko started suffering from daily headaches and hay fever, which were treated symptomatically - as are all ‘allergies’. One day, she became confused, disoriented and forgot how to perform simple tasks such as use a phone. Her arm started shaking and she didn’t know who she was. After many hours of trauma, Piko was finally diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a long and emotional road to recovery for both Piko as well as for the family she works for, accompanied by the added stress of the hospital bills. 

Having worked as a domestic worker for the family for seven years, Piko has always been more than a domestic worker, she is part of their family. Therefore when it comes to Piko’s health, there is nothing the family will not do to help her, even if it comes with a high financial burden. 

“Having a product like PIKO would ensure that Piko and her family would be taken care of – they would have a cushion, thus giving us peace of mind”. 

PIKO was created as a result of a strong woman. What sets her apart from everybody else in the room is the fact that she is a survivor in all senses of the word. It takes a very special person to endure suffering from a brain tumor and still exude with happiness and positivity. 

Having PIKO not only ensures that she is covered from a serious illness such as a brain tumor, but also ensures that her children have a financial buffer should she pass away. The family will also be covered as they will not have to be responsible for the exorbitant medical bills. 

PIKO protects them, together.